The Secret by Rhonda Byrne Review

The secretIt’s taken only a few years for Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” to become the best-selling self-help book of all time. The book’s meteoric rise up the ranks has also made the author Rhonda world-famous in personal development – before the book and subsequent film, she was unheard of. However, Rhonda isn’t the most important feature of the movie – her message is; that, and the panoply of world-renowned success coaches who joined together to deliver her message.

The message was most simply put by John Asaraf: “You can have anything you want, I don’t care how big it is.”

Following Asaraf, millionaire Bob Proctor introduces the audience to “The Secret”. He reveals how the Law of Attraction is the power that attracts everything you have into your life – you think it, you get it. Whatever you’re thinking about – good or bad – becomes a reality because it’s taking up a lot of your consciousness and you’re on the look-out for it.

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I’m doing this review to help you make your mind up about it – you may be wondering if the film and associated material is worth your precious time and hard-earned cash.

The SecretThe Cast and Message of “The Secret”

One of the greatest strengths, and the most reassuring thing about “The Secret” are the people who agreed to appear in it. The film features some of the most well-known and widely respected figures in personal development. You’ll see Bob Proctor, author of “You Were Born Rich”, Jack Canfield who wrote the “Chicken Soup For The Soul” series, Joe Vitale, James Arthur Ray, John Asaraf and lots of other successful people who owe their great lives to the Law of Attraction. All these people say that this law has made them the people they are, and that great historical figures also used this law – Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, Edison, Einstein, Carnegie and Rockefeller, among many others.

Amazingly – and it does beggar belief – if you look at the lives of these personages, you’ll see that they had one belief in common: they believed that people can manipulate the things, people and results that come (or are attracted) into their lives by focusing their thoughts towards their goals or desires. These people also believed, to a man (or woman), that there is a connectedness at work in the cosmos which links people’s minds to each other and to everything in existence in the universe.

This cosmic connectedness means that by directing your thoughts to something, you’re attuning your mind and energies into the same frequency as that something, and so you can start to attract energies to you which are in tune with what you’re thinking of.

A quick look through the list of people who believed in the Law of Attraction makes a strong case for its existence – it’s hard to dismiss its power, and the effect it can have upon everyone’s lives.

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A Word To The Wise

“The Secret” shows you the basic principles of the Law of Attraction, but it doesn’t give you the whole picture. You’ll come away with the three-step process of “ask, believe, receive”, which is all well and good, but to be truly successful, you should know something else. All of the great people mentioned earlier in this review had one other thing in common – they pursued their goals with single-minded fervour. They didn’t just ask, believe and then just sit back and wait to receive, they went after their ambitions with planning, persistence and self-belief. This important detail is left out of the film, which may lead many people to think that the three-step plan is a quick fix, which it isn’t.

It’s likely that all the people featured – and mentioned – in “The Secret” know and knew that there’s a lot of legwork to be done, and that nothing will happen if you sit back and wait for the cosmos to provide. You need determination and perspiration if you’re to achieve in life. If you keep this in mind before you get started, then it’s worthwhile buying “The Secret”, as it’ll help you to stay focused and determined while you’re beavering away towards your goals.

So good luck with your endeavors, and I hope you get all you wish (and work) for, and many thanks for reading my The Secret review.