Achieving Your Personal Excellence – Process Of Constant Improvement

Dear Friend,

Welcome to The Personal Excellence. If You are looking how to condition your mind and body to achieve both success and happiness in a journey of life, you came to the right place.

Improving yourself, your mind and growing your persistence is the key to become happier, healthier and more confident.

Dreams are just dreams if you don’t wake up and turn them into reality. Accomplishing something is not just getting a task done; it is about giving your best shot and doing a little more than everyone else.

Personal excellence is achieving something no one before you was capable of, to grow as an individual. It is process of constant improvement to make your dreams come true and accomplish the targets you have set for yourself. It is a process of In life, you get what you deserve; not what you desire. You just need to focus on the next five big steps:

Step One: Bulls Eye!

In order to achieve something big, you need to think BIG! The goals you set for yourself should push you more than the normal everyday goals. The goals that are easily attainable wont help you in developing your skills. When you have something big to accomplish, you focus your mind and soul and give all you have to make it possible.

However, it is important not to get too attached to the outcome because if by chance you don’t get what you desire, you should be able to see the brighter side – the growth you have had in the process.

Step Two: Nobody is perfect… Nobobody…

I’m not perfect. Perfection means there is no scope of improvement. If you’re not perfect, it means there are a lot of ways you can enhance your skills and get better. They say you should settle at nothing but perfect but the truth is perfection is impossible to attain. However, being the best you can is not. If doing a little more can help you at being as close as perfect you could be, you should do it every waking moment of your life. Keep building your skills and welcome criticism to help you get better.

Step Three: (Formula )  Persistence + Commitment = Success

You would fail at first. You might not be as lucky as those you get what they desire at their first attempt. Some quit even before trying; some give up because they get tired of trying but others, the ones who are stubborn and immovable, fall down to get up again. Life is a climb; you stumble, you lose faith, you injure yourself. At the end of the day, the people who take a step forward get the view from the top; others just sit back and regret what they could have had.

Step Four: Make it personal

Take responsibility of your own actions. People often accuse others for their failures or give all credit to people in their lives but the fact of life is that you are what you make yourself. Your failures are only yours and you accomplished because you worked hard in your life. Though it is true that people play an important part in your victories and disappointments, you only make or break your own self.

Step Five: The Time is Now! Life is Now!

Don’t procrastinate as it is the one evil to keep you from getting better. Leaving what you can do today for tomorrow is the trait of a slacker. Life is happening now. Whatever your goals are, you need to start your journey towards them right at this moment. The more you delay, the far you get from getting it done.

There is a poem by Robert Frost called “The Road Not Taken” in which he describes that in life you would always get two alternatives – one would be easy and the other would be the path of thorns. You would be tempted to walk on the easy road but the most difficult path would lead you to personal excellence – self confidence,  self esteem, happiness of what you are and what you have. The choice is ultimately yours – whether you want to be one of the crowd or you want to be the one leading it.

When you aim for something bigger than materialistic possessions; when you set your targets to improve yourself, then you get the attitude to achieve the impossible. So, don’t run after success, try to chase excellence and success would follow. With all my heart I wish you to make wise choice!

To Your Success!

Laimonas Lucas