Positive Thinking Tips – Basics You Need To Know

positive thinking tipsHere you will find some positive thinking tips if your work stress, mortgage payments, marital issues, childcares, scholarship loans – the list of stress factors in your daily live is endless. In such situations, it is hardly ever possible to maintain a positive frame of mind. All the same, there are real benefits of being an optimist such as better health and improved quality of life. Listed below are some ways to be positive.


As simple as it may seem, it is very difficult to relax and take a long breath when we are thinking a zillion negative thoughts. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by negative thoughts and we experience actual physical discomfort. The easiest way to calm down the mind is simply to breathe easy and let the positive thoughts flow. Try it!

Suggested Positive Thinking Tips and Techniques

Look at the big picture

Our minds are quite powerful at building scenarios, especially the ugly ones. Have you ever been caught up in traffic and then literally seen your boss yell and your client meeting starting late…all in your mind? It is natural to worry in stressful situations. However, the next time you fail, try to think about that bigger break which awaits you.  It may sound clichéd but things really do happen for a good reason so you just have to focus on the big picture and not worry about the little stuffs all the time. Have faith in yourself and life’s plans for you.

Love yourself

When was the time last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and said ‘I love you’? Probably never! A lot of the choices and decisions we make are based on others’ opinions and judgments. Unfortunately if the outcomes are not too nice, we end up blaming ourselves. So stop living life by someone’s rulebook and just be the person you want to be. Love yourself and stop that self-criticism. It will save you from the downward spiral of negative thoughts.

Focus on having fun

Too many of us worry too much about how things will take shape. We get so caught up on ‘getting it right’ that unknowingly we pile on unnecessary negative thoughts and worries. For once just enjoy the smaller joys of life, see the humor in situations and try to have a good time! Sometimes even indulging oneself in simple pleasures like an ice cream or a nice massage can do wonders to relax the mind and re-focus on positive thoughts.

Take Action

While slowing down is one way of dealing with a storm of negative thoughts, at times taking action can be much more effective. If something is truly bothering you try to take concrete steps to deal with rather than let negative thoughts paralyze you. When your mind sees that you are actually ‘doing something’ to deal with the situation the optimist in you will be awakened!

Therefore, the next time your feel depressed, just pause, take a deep breath and banish those negative thoughts with these simple steps. Your life will be a happier when you will learn some positive thinking tips.