Love Affirmations

heartDo you know what love affirmations means when it is applied to your life? Ask yourself how you feel when you are around people you care for. Maybe you have felt these good “vibes” just being in the presence of certain people who you feel a connection to. It doesn’t have to be a love interest, but rather, a good feeling that comes from being in their presence. If you haven’t had these feelings, you should know that there are ways to learn how to develop them through the use of positive affirmations.

Now, don’t get ahead of yourself unless you have a specific idea in your mind about who you want to be able to connect to, and what you are going to have to do or become to make that attraction work for you.

You are not going to be successful if you are not willing to change things about yourself so that you can make that attraction work. You have to be able to sit down and ask yourself what it is about you that you should change to become the person you would need to be to attract someone you care for. Your love affirmations are going to be built on the presence of these characteristics you are going to change, or improve.

Look at the person you are attracted to, and see the characteristics in them that are going to affect the way you change yourself. Confident people are attracted to others who are also confident by nature, so this is where you will focus your energy. Become more self confident and others will see you as such, and be attracted to you.

Make sure that al your thoughts are focused in the present. “I will,” “I am,” “I do,” are all terms in the present tense that you should be using, and they are all centered around what you can and will do to become this person, and they also are what you are looking for in your love life- people who think like you do.

Once you have learned to believe in yourself, your subconscious mind will be reconditioned to think in this positive manner all the time. Love affirmations work in just this way-you are actually conditioning your mind to think in a whole new way so that you can put into practice what you have taught yourself.

Speak aloud your affirmations. Rehearse them each day until you become accustomed to thinking and speaking in this manner. As your subconscious mind becomes conditioned to this process, you will find it easier to become the kind of person you have wanted to be, and this is the ay you will attract the one person you are meant to be with. Good luck!