How to Win and Influence People

The competition is tough and if you have just one chance to prove yourself you have to be good. First impressions are usually the last impressions when you are going for an interview or meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time. How to win and influence people is something you should know if you wish to create an impression that lasts.

Most people are not born with the skill; they have to acquire it and they have to make a conscious effort to develop a charming personality. Doing so is not difficult if you know what areas of your personality you should focus on. Below listed are a few tips on how you could win and influence people.

First Impressions: First impressions are often the last, but they can also be the foundation of a great relationship. When you meet a person for the first time you need to ensure that they know that you are interested in knowing them and speaking with them. No matter how unimportant they may be to your life and no matter how you have chanced upon them, you have to feign interest.

One must always be dressed well, hair should be neatly combed and the first hand shake should be firm and pleasing.

Topics of discussion: If you want to win someone over you need to be interested in their lives. People love talking about themselves. By asking them questions such as where they grew up, what their hobbies are and what their children like to do in the summer holidays, you can strike a positive chord with them.

Listen: Just striking up a conversation is not enough. You have to seem interested and listen to what they have to say. If you have a similar story to share jump in and say ‘That’s funny, my kid does the exact same thing’. This will help in building a bond and you can be sure that the person you are meeting for the very first time will be impressed by you.

Read up: If you are meeting someone for the first time and want to ensure that you make a positive impression, you should do some homework. Find out about their interests. Knowing about what are their hobbies are, where did they go to school and how man children do they have can help.

Knowledge is power: Watching the news, having unconventional hobbies and reading books does not only help in increasing your knowledge but also powers you with tonnes of information. You can use this information to suggest that you may have solutions to a number of problems. By expanding your horizons you can learn a lot and also teach what you have learnt over the years.

Knowing how to win and influence people is important to garner success in life. Good nature, kindness and a sympathetic ear are the makings of an influential person. It’s nice to be important but it is indeed more important to be nice. If you are good natured and have the capacity to listen to people, you are surely going to be able to make an impression that sticks for life.