How to Improve Concentration

Concentration is defined as an active state of mind wherein the whole attention with all available talent and energy is applied on the thing a person does at a particular moment.

A person concentrates when he or she gives completely to the action or the thought of the present moment. This holds true whether the action involves mind, brain or muscles, or expression through words, emotion or thoughts.

Some useful tips on how to improve concentration:

Clarification of objective: A person must know clearly of the goal before starting. If end results aren’t clear, it becomes difficult to focus. Unclear objectives lead to no results.

Divide blobs: Big blob tasks that don’t have a clear start and end point destroy the focus. E.g. If a large project needs to be done, then the path to get things working should be identified clearly. In case the action sequences aren’t obvious, it becomes next to impossible to concentrate.

Knowing the rules: One must obtain a very clear guideline for the task up ahead. The required quality, the standards to be followed, possible constraints, amount of commenting needed and possible flexibilities should be evaluated well before making a start. If rules concerning a particular work are not clear and well defined, concentrating on that work becomes impossible.

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Setting a deadline: Deadlines have both advantages and disadvantages. A deadline helps a lot to forget non-essential things and allows speeding up working time. A well defined job to be done within a well stipulated period is more easily completed than an extravagant objective that requires useless fiddling.

Structuring the environment: A person should select a suitable location before starting a task. One should always try to keep away from distractions like doors, windows and phones to improve concentration.

Cut off noise: It is obvious that distractions never help to focus. So what can a person do to cut off distractions? Research suggests that getting into a state of concentration takes al least 15 minutes. But if a person gets distracted every five minutes, focusing on something becomes impossible. Ways to avoid distractions include turning off email alerts, instant messages, mobile phone, etc.

Isolate yourself: The best way to complete a work is to get isolated and just do what is required. With people around, it will be difficult to focus. The best thing to do is to create a private space and remain there till the work is done.

Break away roadblocks: Roadblocks occur whenever a tricky problem comes up. This happens when the focus wavers and as a result people run out of ideas. To avoid such things, one should put down the plan of action on a piece of paper. Writing out helps to clear the thought process and also keeps the focus on the task.

Healthy body for a sharp mind: What goes inside the body affects the mind as well. Adequate rest and proper diet is very essential for concentration. Stimulants should be avoided at all costs.

At times, the mind begins to wander and becomes unfit for application. To make the mind obedient and faithful, one should practice yoga. Yoga comprises of mind exercises and provides a very detailed guideline on how to improve concentration. Systematic and steady practice will increase the ability to focus and improve concentration.