How To Build Self Confidence in Three Simple Steps

The ability to improve and maintain self confidence is something which every person like you and me on the planet needs.

Having a firm belief in yourself makes life so much easier, as you can make the most of your natural talents and learn new ones.

You can ask for – and get – the best out of all aspects of your life – your relationships, career and health.

Having high self-esteem means you are never too shy to hide your skills and talents from people, and so they are always in demand. The straightforward concepts of self confidence were developed millennia ago by the ancient Greeks, and are still relevant today, so read this article to find out how to get to know – and like – yourself more.

Know yourself

The first thing you need to do to improve your self confidence is to get to know yourself better. For a lot of people, low self esteem comes from listening to other people’s opinions too much: “Oh, she’s the ditzy one….”, “Oh, he’s such a klutz….”. Very often, these assessments are unfounded or outdated, but still hang over people’s heads, preventing the person from breaking out and trying new things.

You need to look at yourself and think of how you really are, how you think, occasions when you haven’t been ditzy, and focus on these thoughts. At the same time you should dismiss other people’s negative opinions. You shouldn’t try to become someone else – just the person you are inside. Get to know how your body and mind work, and be awed by how amazing they both are, remind yourself that you possess both, and you’re in control of both, too.

The more you understand yourself, the easier you’ll find the second stage of improving your self-esteem.

Control Yourself

The great secret of self confidence is control. Self confident people can control their thoughts and inner voice. Instead of thinking “Oh no, I’m such an idiot!” after spilling a drink, a self-confident person thinks “Where’s a cloth? I can clean this up in an instant.”

You need to practice this self control, though; it takes deliberate and conscious training, but the more control you have over your thoughts, the less time you’ll spend thinking negative thoughts. You’ll be freer to use your mind for happier, healthier pursuits and dreams, and you’ll have the confidence to follow them through. Control actually frees your mind up, rather than restricting it, as many people think.

If you have this basis of self-confidence, you’ll be able to make plans and stick to them – even if it’s something as fleeting as going to that party you were invited to. You once worried you weren’t cool enough, but now you know you are.

Give Yourself

As you get to know and like yourself more, and learn to control your thoughts, you’ll start looking outwards beyond yourself to other people and the world around you, as you’ll feel the need to make a contribution to others. This need to help and reach out to others is an instinctual, spiritual, drive, as we humans are social animals, not destined to live alone and cut off from our fellows. Helping others is a deep-rooted instinct and purpose all humans share.

People who are very insecure are known for withdrawing from others – they reject others before they have a chance to reject them, or they never reach out in the first place. If these insecure people can find a purpose which forces them to think of other people, and to stop thinking about themselves and their insecurities, then they’re almost “there”.

Think about, and practice, these three steps and the more you do so, the more you’ll become the person you always knew you were. You’ll gain in self-confidence and help and inspire others to follow your lead.