Easy Meditation Techniques To Manage Stress

easy meditation techniquesDiscover Easy Meditation Techniques and Become A Master In 30 Days

If you know how to meditate then you have one of the best ways of gaining and maintaining willpower, reducing and managing stress and improving your confidence.

Meditation can also improve your physical and emotional well-being. This sounds great, but many people are put off learning to meditate because they think it takes years to learn the art. It doesn’t – you can become proficient in meditation in just 30 days. This article will give you the grounding you need to get great results from meditation in just one month.

Days 1-5.

During these first days you should aim to become conscious of your thoughts. Don’t try to think about anything in particular, just sit quietly and comfortably and “look” at what you’re thinking.

Let thoughts run free and unbidden, and just observe them. Don’t try to stop them, keep hold of them or bat them away, just let them “be”. You shouldn’t think “Why am I thinking this?”, just think it. This passive observance is the first stage of learning to meditate.

Days 6-10

These next five days will see you training your body and mind to fall into the hypnogogic state, which is the state between light sleep and dreaming, and is the state involved in self-hypnosis.

You should lie down on your back and hold an arm at a right angle with your torso. In doing this, as you begin to drop off to sleep, your arm will fall down and wake you up. You should observe your thoughts as they arise in the same way you did in days 1-5. You may find that, during this phase of learning, that you experience sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis can be scary, but it’s merely your physical body remaining asleep while your mind and brain are awake. It’s a sign that the training is working, and should pass before your 30 days of learning are up.

Days 11-20.

In this next phase of learning to meditate, you need to start controlling and dismissing the random thoughts that pop up. You should simply recognize and acknowledge each thought as it passes through; sum up and say what you’re thinking out loud:

“I’m thinking that the wall near the window needs painting”

“I’m thinking that the dog needs to go for a walk”

“I’m thinking about what to say to my friend tomorrow”

As you get better at doing this, the thoughts will leave your mind as soon as you recognize and verbalize them. You should, during this stage, be lying on your bed with your arm at a right angle to your body to prevent you falling asleep. Do this every day for 10 days and then you’ll be ready for the final step of learning to meditate.

Days 21-30

These final 10 days will see you strengthening and refining your ability to reach and maintain the hypnogogic state and emptying your mind. Your objective during this last stage is to achieve total calm in body, mind and soul.

If you do have the occasional thought creeping in, simply dismiss it as you learnt to in days 11-20. By the end of the month, you’ll be meditating really well and should be reaping the benefits – better sleep, reduced stress, better focus and greater willpower.

Start today, with the first steps outlined in this article, and this time next month you’ll know how to improve your life through easy meditation techniques.